Dear Neighbor,

Reagan Marie Neal experienced a brain injury at birth.  This resulted in delays physically, verbally, and socially for her. Because traditional medical techniques offered very little help for Reagan, her parents searched until they found the therapy they believed was best for their daughter. Unfortunately, because this therapy was not considered “traditional”, her parents were facing the challenge of paying thousands of dollars per year to help her obtain the best quality of life possible.

The church and their community came together to support them by raising funds to help them get Reagan enrolled into The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia.  Through that process,  Reagan’s Journey was born.

In 2012, Reagan’s Journey became a not-for-profit corporation whose sole purpose is to assist families of with children who have special needs to obtain therapies, equipment and support that their traditional health insurance will not pay for. From expensive medical equipment to traveling assistance, we strive to support these families during their time of need.

Run by a board of volunteers, we are funded solely by donations and fundraising, Reagan’s Journey seeks to aid families with family events, networking, and equipment.  In addition to seeking donations, we are also seeking families who could use a little more support in their own journeys.

Thanks for visiting our website! We are anxious to spread the news as well as support to families who need that encouragement and hope.