Frequently Asked Questions

Are there income guidelines to be an RJ kid?

Reagan’s Journey understands that having to meet the therapeutic and sometimes even the life sustaining needs of a child with challenges can be financial daunting regardless of income. Our goal is to provide the forum for families, friends, and kind hearted donors to make real and life transforming impacts upon children with special needs by assisting their families in attaining what they need to reach that child’s goals. We saw that happen in Reagan’s life and know it is amazingly possible. Therefore, Reagan’s Journey was developed!

Is there any cost to joining Reagan's Journey?

There is no fee or cost to our Reagan’s Journey families for their child to become a member, nor to maintain that child’s membership. This is an outreach to help ease these families’ burdens, not to add to them.  Our donors have huge hearts and loads of compassion for our families. Every year they exceed our expectations and we are blessed by their giving.

Is there a limit to what we can use the funding for?

The intention of the raised funds for Reagan’s Journey children is to help bridge the financial gap between what that child needs to therapeutically succeed and what their health insurance will fund. The funding provided, although the needs can vary greatly case by case, must meet these criteria first and foremost.

Does the money go directly to the supplier/company where item is purchased?

The preferred method of funding for specific needs is for parents to submit a request and Reagan’s Journey pays the supplier/company directly. In cases where this is not possible, we are also prepared to refund expenses on a receipted basis. There are instances when a funding request is above a certain level, which will require approval of the Board of Directors prior to incurring the expense or refunding it.

Is there anything that we as a family of an RJ kid have to do annually to stay involved?

We place as little requirements upon our families as possible. We do encourage them to become involved with Reagan’s Journey in order to find resources, hope and encouragement they might not otherwise find. We also believe that families can encourage each other unlike others who, although having compassion, do not necessarily have the experiences that our families do. Sometimes walking in similar shoes of someone else’s and knowing you are not alone, brings more hope than we thought was possible by ourselves.

Can our family or friends visit the website?

Absolutely! In fact we encourage it for several reasons:
Those who have the desire to know how your child is doing can catch up on their progress by reading your child’s online journal. Other families facing similar challenges can find encouragement through your experiences, best practices and the resources you have found. And, whether they live across the country or across the world, people can donate to Reagan’s Journey to help us get that therapy, or piece of equipment, or even have the gas money to get to your next appointment!

Can we update our child's bio as he/she has new accomplishments or a need/illness?

Your child will have his/her own profile page and online journal. We at Reagan’s Journey feel strongly that it is totally up to the parents of these children how much or how little they share about their child. We encourage parents to get involved, be a support for others while finding support as well.

If you have more questions for Reagan’s Journey please feel free to email us at  If you are the parent or legal guardian of a child with special needs, and could use financial assistance, we encourage you to consider filling out a Reagan’s Journey application on behalf of your child.