Heart surgery

Gabe had his large VSD repaired on July 21st after having to prove himself to the dr's that he is a fighter. His oxygen sats after surgery were not where they should have been. They did a heart cath to see what his pulmonary pressures are and it was determined they were extremely high. His primary dr's are stunned. He will be presented at a medical conference tonight to determine what the plan of action will be. He might need to go back in under anesthesia thru a heart cath and get a "pop off valve", which basically is creating a small hole for extra blood to move out of. We are praying for better results than what was found last week. Gabe truly has been our little superhero, he has come back from so much. Thank God for his life because he is truly our little miracle. Thanks for taking the time to read our story, I hope if there is someone out there that needs some hope, they will feel it from his little story;)

My Entries

Gabe turns 3

So today is one day after Gabes birthday and we sit here in the P.I.C.U at Childrens hospital of pittsburgh with possibly pneumonia.  Little bummed that we are not home celebrating but I am celebrating hes here with us. 1,069 days more than ANYONE ever expected. So we will take it one day at a time and pray that this bug he has is gone quickly. We may be in here a few days, his pulmonary hypertension doesnt give him much reserve in his lungs, so he needsore support from the ventilator. I ask for prayers of Gods hands of healing over Gabe and we can get home and continue on with the journey of life. Thanks to all who choose to follow Gabe, I know many are worse off then us and this is why I appreciate what we have. Never take anything for granted. Love unconditionally and help those around you for this is the will of God. God bless;)