Nevaeh's Journal

Hi, I'm Nevaeh! Thank you for reading my journal.

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Hello From Nevaeh’s Family

Hi, I’m Stephanie, Nevaeh’s mom.

I wanted to take a minute to talk about The Family Hope Center and the therapy program Nevaeh follows.  About a year ago, my husband, Rob, and I traveled to Philadelphia to take a course through The Family Hope Center.  We spent 3 days learning about the brain, brain injuries, and how to help our brain injured daughter.  We both agree that the course was life changing.  We learned more about Nevaeh’s brain injury in 3 days than we had the first 4 years of her life.  Suddenly things made sense.  We used what we learned to create a program for Nevaeh.  We hope to take her there soon so they can evaluate her and design a more specific program for her needs.  Until then, we spend 5 days a week doing respiratory and motor therapies, sensory stimulation, and education and language activities.  Nevaeh always works hard and is getting stronger.  We will get into more detail of the program and give updates on Nevaeh’s progress, so be sure to visit her page often.  Thank you for your prayers and support along our journey.