Reagan's Journal

Reagan suffered a hypoxic brain injury and a brain bleed at birth. As a result, Reagan faces significant developmental challenges and currently has the neurological function of a normal 5-month old. Without significant intervention, it is expected that the gap between her chronological age a(how old she really is) and here neurological age (the age that she functions at) will continue to grow much wider.
Reagan has fought with tenacity to overcome these struggles. God has been faithful in allowing us to help Regan reach her full potential.

Visit Reagan's Journal page often to get updates on her condition, her struggles and successes.

My Entries

Now….she helps me

There was a time when I couldn’t imagine Reagan doing anything for herself.  She couldn’t even roll over on a flat surface until she was 3 years old.  Over the last month, she has not only begun to ambulate throughout the entire house independently, but looks for opportunities to help her mama.

She has been seen collecting dirty dishes with her cart and depositing them into the sink, finding garbage to throw away, and pushing around all kinds of laundry.

I have more hope now than ever of her being able to care for herself and taking pride in her accomplishments.  Go Reagan, Go!

Thanks for following our little miracle girl….here’s to new victories in 2015!