Josiah's Journal

Hi, I'm Josiah! Thank you for reading my journal.

My Entries

Oh, yes he can!

Josiah just had his 3rd birthday and is currently still having home nurses each night and a couple days a week so I can work. He is walking but just as his sister does, he tires out more quickly than most kids. Nothing stops his desire to want to do the things that he sees other kids able to do.

He is a patient at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh for his airway complications as well as a few other doctors. And also goes frequently to Shiners’ Hospital in Philadelphia for his orthopedic issues. He is in a body cast, has been in one for the last 15 months and will most likely be in one for the next couple of years for his scoliosis.

We have learned to just take things one day at a time because we do not know what surgeries or different things may come up or regress back to the way they were naturally. He was just discharged from the Speech and Occupational Therapy after 3 years of having therapists in our home 2-3 times a week. He will continue with Physical Therapy and wearing his cast and feet/leg braces 24/7. Even so, he amazes us with his courage and willingness to try until he figures out a way to get where he intends to go!

Thank you for your support through this journey we have been given!