Heart surgery

Gabe had his large VSD repaired on July 21st after having to prove himself to the dr's that he is a fighter. His oxygen sats after surgery were not where they should have been. They did a heart cath to see what his pulmonary pressures are and it was determined they were extremely high. His primary dr's are stunned. He will be presented at a medical conference tonight to determine what the plan of action will be. He might need to go back in under anesthesia thru a heart cath and get a "pop off valve", which basically is creating a small hole for extra blood to move out of. We are praying for better results than what was found last week. Gabe truly has been our little superhero, he has come back from so much. Thank God for his life because he is truly our little miracle. Thanks for taking the time to read our story, I hope if there is someone out there that needs some hope, they will feel it from his little story;)

My Entries

One day at a time!!

Well it has been  5 days since Gabe has been discharged from CHP and days have been rough. Before surgery we had Gabriel off of the ventilator all day and he wasn’t requiring ANY oxygen. But for now( recovery period) Gabe is back on the vent and now requiring 1-4 L of O2. Gabriel has been having very dry secretions which is making him go into a panic attack because his lower airways are not transferring a oxygen adequately. So it is quickly jumping in with bagging, saline or albuterol neb, sx’ing just to try to stabilize him and keep secretions thin so his airways don’t collapse.  On top of all of this, we noticed this morning that his humidification pot wasn’t working, so this was drying him too!! Wow, the stress that momma bear is feeling is starting to put some heaviness on my heart. So now instead of me being the strong one of the family, I now have those around me trying to remind me of my faith that I have always had. I woke up this morning feeling like I wanted to pass out. But again I got to work today by making numerous phone calls and getting things cleared up like I have always done. Gabes humidification pot is fixed and now getting the necessary moisture he needs to help his lungs recover. He has been maintaining high O2 sats on about 1/2 Liter. So I am praying that he is on a good path to recovery. Prior to surgery Gabe was starting to do pretty well with eating puréed foods by mouth but for 20 days he was NPO( nothing by mouth). I just got clearance today that he can have start eating again! Hallelujah!!!  Gabe loves to eat by mouth and it is a miracle that someone with a trach can eat well and not aspirate. So far he hasn’t had any issues, at least that we r aware of. He never has had aspiration pneumonia. So now we r just hoping for better and better days and the end of this month will be his 1st follow up appointment. We will find out how well he is healing. In the meantime, we live day by day and try to keep the faith. We will see everyone who can make it to the ice cream social in Kittanning and look forward to everyone meeting our little miracle Gabe and his family. Thanx for reading Gabes story and following along on his journey! Your support is going to help Gabe in his future medical needs. Thank you!!!!