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Gabriel Aubele

Gabriel has Trisomy 18, only 1 in 5000 children diagnosed survive. He had been a fighter since we found out prenatally.

Ella Conroy

Ella had a 4cm tumor removed that was growing from her brain stem. It was removed from her spine. The tumor was an astrocytoma and after pathology it was found to be non cancerous, but the surgery left her paralzyed from the waist down.
Ella is fighting a big battle and is winning!

Lexi Riddle

This is Lexi Marie Riddle. Lexi was born December 18 2008 on her scheduled due date. I had some complications from 6 months until delivery with low amniotic fluid. Had some complications at birth with her shoulders getting stuck in the canal, but born a beautiful healthy little girl.
At 9 months we got referred to children's hospital for not meeting the mile stones and small head circumference. Childrens diagnosed Lexi with quadriplegia spastic cerebral palsy, and Epilepsy. This affects all four limbs. Lexi also has seizures . She is unable to sit up, toilet herself, crawl, feed herself,stand, and ...