Allie Delp

Allie was born a healthy baby girl. She had her first seizure just days before turning 4 months old. It was a grandmal seizure that lasted several minutes and doctors believed it to be febrile. Within a few weeks she had 2 more seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy and started on medication. Her seizures quickly increased in number and severity until she was having weekly seizures that averaged 25 minutes in length, her longest being an hour long. Shortly after starting medication Allie started having some difficulties gaining weight and eating. She took part in a 6 week feeding program inpatient at an institute, of which she failed. At 7 months old she had a gtube feeding tube surgically placed into her stomach. At 10 months old she started the cryogenic diet to attempt to control her seizures. It worked wonderfully giving her 15 weeks of seizure freedom, but she started to develop new seizure types. She now has on average 60 seizures a month. She seizes from being too cold, too hot, temper tantrums, excitement, sunlight, fluorescent light, blinking lights, washing her hands, swinging, and many more triggers. She needs constant supervision. Her condition is expected to get worse. There are special service dogs trained to predict and allert to seizures in children. These dogs can also be trained to place themselves under the child as they start to seize, easing the fall for the child. A service dog would greatly improve the quality of her life.

What Makes Me Unique:
Dravet Syndrome
5 years old
Armstrong Pennsylvania
Contact Information: