Reagan Marie Neal

As a tiny infant born in 2008, Reagan Marie Neal began experiencing overwhelming effects from the brain damage she received during the birthing process. Because traditional medical techniques offered very little help for Reagan, her parents searched and searched until they found the therapy they believed was best for their baby daughter.

Unfortunately, because this therapy was not considered ‘traditional’, her parents were facing the challenge of paying thousands of dollars per year to help their daughter obtain the best quality of life possible. Friends, family, and strangers alike all rallied around Reagan and provided the funds and support required for her to get the therapy she so desperately needed. As a result of that support, Reagan began achieving things her parents had only dreamed would be possible.

Today, she is continuing to receive therapy daily but she has also been able to begin attending school as a kindergarten student and has many new friends and fans as a result. Reagan now walks with the help of a walker and can communicate with others through some basic sign language and also through an electronic communication device.

Perhaps more importantly, her smile has melted and won over many hearts everywhere she has gone and her story of fighting to overcome such big obstacles has inspired many others to not lose hope in their own battles.

What Makes Me Unique:
Brain Injury at Birth
10 years old
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