Joni and Friends:

Resources for families affected by disabilities. They provide adapted wheelchairs for people around the world, offer resources, prayer and support.

Variety the Children’s charity:

Dedicated to improving the lives of children through adaptive bikes, ramps, and funding equipment when denied through insurance.

Make a wish:

Providing wishes for children affected by disability or illness. Not only serving children with terminal illness.These wishes include not only trips, but also meeting famous people and even bedroom makeover and soft play environment in the home.

This site carries a variety of adaptive equipment for everyday use.  Choose from a list of categories or search by specific diagnosis.  Receive notifications of specials and new products with their helpful email newsletter.

Looking for a particular piece of equipment for someone with special needs, but don’t want to wait for insurance or can’t afford to pay the big sticker price? Try searching on this site for a gently used piece of equipment.  Families love when they can pass an item on to another person in need.

Offers a ton of information for families and caregivers of those with special needs. Need help choosing a car seat or type of wheelchair? Want to know how to choose adaptations and ramps to make your life easier. This site offers unique tools to answer your mobility questions.

This site is helpful when trying to determine the perfect chair for someone with mobility challenges.  Compare chairs and other products to find ways to keep them as independent as possible. Also offers accessories to spice up an older chair to make it more functional.